Personal debt solutions

Debt Management

A Debt Management Plan is an informal process of negotiating with your creditors for:

    The freezing or reduction of interest;
    Extension of repayment terms;
    Writing off of part of your debt.
    Exploring hardship assistance

    Although creditors are not required by law to adhere to any of the above, many creditors see the positive work we at KiwiDebt are doing to assist families in financial difficulty, and are taking positive steps to assist us to help..

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    Debt Settlement

    In the off chance you have been in financial difficulty for some time, and you have received a payout from somewhere, whether it be a loan, a bonus, etc, a Debt Settlement may be a way to make the greatest difference in your debt in the shortest period of time.
    Upon payment of your 'bonus' to KiwiDebt we will make offers to your creditors to reduce your debt and (if possible) write off any existing balance.

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    Debt Support

    Sometimes we just need someone to talk to, and being in debt can feel isolating.
    We are here to help, and guide you through the process and assist you every step of the way.
    You are not alone, there are thousands of people that are in the same situation as you, and we know well, the effect that has on you. never be afraid to reach out for help.

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    Debt Assistance Request

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    What our clients Say About Us

    “Please accept my sincere thanks to you for your help in turning my credit situation around.
    I went from not being able to sleep, to not having any debt - what a blessing.”

    (VC - Christchurch) Client of KiwiDebt

    “My wife and I had become overwhelmed with debt, debtors calling on a daily basis. We handed our finances over to Matt and Lydia and they took care of everything, contacted our debtors, arranged payments based on our income and reduced our debt where they could. Debtors stopped calling and with one monthly payment we were able to breath easily again. We are now debt free, our credit has been restored all thanks to Kiwidebt.”

    Sam and Sam Client of KiwiDebt

    “I have to say that I have found Kiwidebt amazing to work with, you have treated me with respect and even though I acknowledge that I am in the wrong with these debts, I appreciate the honest communication and the way I have been treated by yourself and Mathew. You have in some ways made it easier for me to acknowledge and face up to the reality of the situation. So Thank you.”

    (name and address withheld) Client of KiwiDebt

    Ask an agent, We're here to help you.

    Please feel free to contact us to see if any of our services will suit your situation.

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