Add an Income Stream For Your Organisation

Many organisations, who may decline a loan due to inability to meet lending criteria, send the client away.

Whilst this is okay for you the creditor, it is not okay for the client, who, being sent away has no solution to their 'finance issues'.
This is especially prevalant in the 'debt consolidation' industry where money is being effectively 'thrown away'.

Rather than pass these people into the ether.. it would be considered prudent to refer to a company that will reward you for receiving new clients.

If you wish to have your organisation added to be a referrer, and receive gratuity for your referral, please complete the following form, and one of our team will contact you.

Introducer Request form

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Note:Not all applicants may be approved referrer's. Acceptance is discretionary, applications will be vetted by management and may not necessarily be accepted. Membership to the Referral scheme is subject to understood terms and conditions, which endeavour to maintain the highest level of privacy for the debtor.

Membership of the referral scheme does not create any inter company liability, and no fiduciary duty to either organisation is either express or implied.