At KiwiDebt, We are going green.

Not just saving debtors, but the planet as well.

KiwiDebt is Going Green

Kiwidebt Limited has a strong focus on saving debtors from stress and financial collapse, but that is not where our ethics end.

We at KiwiDebt are also lifting our game when it comes to our Green Responsibility.

We know that New Zealand is a country which has a strong focus on the environment, and everything we can do to be more environmentally aware is good for not just KiwiDebt Ltd, but it is also good for the New Zealand Nation.


Kwidebt's Plan for Environmental Responsibility

For a number of years we have been working toward sustainable operations, and already our environmental initiatives are starting to show.
The following are the current 'green initiatives' employed by KiwiDebt Ltd.


1/ Rainwater catchment and re-use

Rain from the building is collected during rainy periods and stored in a large tank, which is fed into the building by the use of an ondemand water pump.

In order to ensure the maximum efficiency of this 'off grid' water supply, the pump is powered by an inverter which is connected to the solar array.


2/ Solar Powered cooling

Rather than employ an air conditioning unit to cool the computers which KiwiDebt Uses, kiwidebt runs the Fans directly off the solar array.

The Fans which are solar powered, duct the air from the cooler areas of the building to the computers, using the ambient temperature to provide cooling.

This provides a two-fold benefit, firstly the need for a power hungry air conditioning unit is decreased, secondly there are no greenhouse gasses used in the process.
Note; temperature monitoring is critical in getting any ambient air cooling system working.


3/ Solar Power

Net Positive Power.

Rather than use power supplied 100% by the grid, we have installed a 1.8 kilowatt Solar power array.

Our useage per hour is usually just over 1.0 kilowatt, so we have oversized the system to cater for our needs, take account of any times when the sun is in cloud, and feed back power to the grid during net gain times.
We dont get paid for any net positive power generation, so this is a gift to New Zealand, to reduce the dependence on coal fired power.


4/ Recycling

Refuse is a growing issue in many organisations, and kiwidebt is no exception.

We are in the process of reducing the amount of waste, by the active use of recycling systems.

Cans, bottles and other recyclable containers are disposed using local recycling organisations, to reduce the environmantal inpact from consumerism.
We have also employed systems to reduce the amount of paper which is used by KiwiDebt Ltd.


5/ Power Management programs

KiwiDebt Ltd has a Kaizen style approch for power management.

The Goal for power management is 'continuous improvement', in not just the way we use energy, but the way we react to that energy.

Part of this process is changing to 'low current' devises such as LED lighting, low wattage bulbs, and the optimal use of lighting in various areas of the organisation.
Part of this policy is an 'end of day' policy relating to computers, and devices that are connected to power.


6/ Dual Flush

Reducing the load on the system.

Having Dual Flush toilets is one thing but the education on their use is another.

We aim to save not just the water that is used, but also aim to minimise the load that is placed on wastewater treatment plants.


7/ Reducing Paper Use

It is well known that there is an extensive process in paper treatment.

KiwiDebt Ltd is making the committment to reducing the load on the environment and the world by a committment to reducing the amount of paper used in day to day business functions.

Already we have reduced the amount of paper used regularly, by policies to 'not print' unless necessary, but we are implementing other methods of statement delivery in order to further reduce the amount of printing.

We aim to have these steps in place to not just save trees from being harvested and turned into pulp, but also place less of a burden on the landscape by reducing the amount of toxins added into the environment in the paper production and waste processes.


8/ Sensible Hot Water

Why would you want to waste power heating hot water that you may not use, only to waste more power to keep it hot ready to use at a moments notice.
KiwiDebt has installed LPG for heating hot water, and although this is a fssil fuel, the amount used is actual use and not standby use.


Other KiwiDebt Green Initiatives

New Zealand Businesses need to be leaders in the field of not just innovation, but environmental responsibility.

To do this we need to have a 'reinvestment' in Green technology.
Our plans for Green Growth are:

KiwiDebt Challenges other financial institutions to do the same or better!


Many thanks to Susan Dumas of shades of going green, for the permission to use their logo to communicate our initiatives.