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Information for Employers

Information For Employers

If you are an employer, or work in the Personnel/HR function of a company, this page is for you.

If you manage employees, you will be the person who sees clearly, who is suffering financial hardship, who is constantly asking for advances, and who is under stress.


We have empathy for both employees and employers who are suffering under the grip of financial stress. As a company managing the Debt Portfolio of a number of people, we have seen the many reasons for clients to be made unable to pay their debt.
One of those reasons can be the cutback of hours, from the employer who, too is struggling to keep a business running.


KiwiDebt has been able to (in a number of cases) re-structure the payments for clients, to enable them to keep from incuring further debt, and at the same time manage to pay for the essentials, such as food, rent, transport, and keep the kids clothed.



What is the cost for me the employer?

Short answer - NOTHING ... what we do suggest though, is that there is a high degree of benefit in cooperating with KiwiDebt to disseminate information regarding our services to your employees and allwing exposure of employees to the options kiwidebt offers.

It is our and your hope that they never need to use us - but knowing we exist can avoid catastrophe down the line...


Is this considered to be an employee benefit?

No, Kiwidebt do not provide staff benefits, we only offer support services in the form of our Debt Management Plans


Is KiwiDebt a lender?

No, Kiwidebt do not loan money to our clients, we do not believe that getting another loan is a way of clearing your existing debt.


Is it all just about debt management plans?

No, We at KiwiDebt are realistic about what the Debtor can afford, and we discuss a wide range of options with them, including refinancing, debt management, insolvency, and bankruptcy.  We work with the client to manage their Debt to maintain their contractual obligation to their creditors to the best ends for both parties.


What if I do nothing to help?

There are Three costs of doing nothing,
The First cost is the social cost of having employees that are un-necessarily stressed out by the constant barrage of calls, and letters from creditors and collection agents
The Second cost is economic, and relates to the lost work time, that staff are using to talk to creditors, collectors, finance companies etc
The Third cost is also an economic cost, which may be loss due to shrinkage, or employees subsidising their income from the till. (possibly the worst of all possible outcomes for all parties)

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