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Seasons Greetings 
All of the staff at kiwidebt would like to take the opportunity to wish you a safe and happy holiday Season.

So if you are staying home or travelling near or far, take care and best wishes.

Plan for Debt Freedom 

Kiwi's are awesome people, but often we don't know when to ask for help.
Like the 'typical man' that drives around for hours, too proud to stop and ask for directions, we as New Zealanders wait until we are 'over the edge' before we ask for help. 
If you can answer yes to 2 or more of the following questions, its time to re-evaluate your situation.
  • Are You In Debt?
  • Do you dread opening your mail for fear of finding Final Demand Notices?
  • Do you get calls from companies you owe money to?
  • Have any of your accounts been sent to a collection agency ?
  • Are you considering getting a loan to pay off other debts?
  • Do you struggle to find the money to pay the bills each month?
 Procrastination means, putting off doing things until later, and from experience this only makes the issues harder to deal with. 

Financial Freedom.

As the costs of living have increased due to the current economic cycle, this has resulted in less income to meet regular payments to creditors, lenders, banks and credit card companies – putting more and more financial stress on us as time goes on.

However, it’s not all bad news.  KiwiDebt has managed to negotiate more acceptable levels of payment for our clients, resulting in less stress for those who already have enough to worry about.

Working with you to develop a Debt Management plan, and in asociation with using our debt negotiation skills, KiwiDebt can lead you to a level of financial freedom that you may not have thought possible.

Get Debt Assistance

If you need assistance to help reduce your debts, simply click  [Help Me] or on the button above, and one of our advisors will contact you to discuss how KiwiDebt can assist you on the road to financial freedom

The first step to debt relief is acknowledging that you cant do it on your own
Click on the box below if you would like help