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Economic recovery hampered by rise in insolvencies
Sep 27th, 2010

Figures to date show a rise in the level of insolvencies.

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Power Failure
Sep 27th, 2010

Due to the Incompetance of someone at a power company that at this stage will remain unnamed, KiwiDebt has been without power today.

Although the Managing Director of KiwiDebt contacted the power company on the 21st of September to query any planned outages, due to some mishap at the power company as to which transformer we were located on, there was no notification, and no confirmation as to the outage that did in fact disrupt systems for nearly 5 hours.
This reflects poorly on the energy company which, when queried said, not our fault, talk to the provider.

On behalf of the 'unnamed' energy company, KiwiDebt wishes to apologise for the disruption to our clients.

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Aug 5th, 2010

For some reason, the government seems to not believe that we are already overtaxed?


KiwiDebt is coming across examples of multi tier tax on almost a daily basis now, people keep sending us information about how the average ordinary New Zealanders are getting screwed out of their income and their savings by harsh and oppressive taxation policies.
Isnt it about time we simplified the tax system, instead of creating more work for accountants, due to the shuffling of taxes from one type to another.

Arent we still in the middle of a recession?

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GST - Tax on Working Capital
July 22, 2010

The cost of the GST increase will see only two parties benefit, the government, and the accountants.
The rest of the country will be expected to bear the costs of re-ticketing, re-pricing, etc, and none more than the small business.

As a young company, the Directors of KiwiDebt are appalled at the lack of empathy and financial assistance as the Government are imposing further costs on small businesses that are already facing the rise in costs of production and sales
It is about time we as a country push the government to remove the double taxes we are paying, such as gst on Petrol, Rates, Water, Power these are already either heavily taxed or are in themselves taxes (Rates / Water).


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KiwiDebt Speaks Out
July 13, 2010

After a number of years of watching New Zealand slowly crumble, Mr Nutter, Managing Director of KiwiDebt announced today, enough is enough.

New Zealanders are being taxed to death, and this winter is only going to see it get worse, with increasing power costs, increasing fuel costs, increasing food costs, it is about time that the New Zealand Government stopped their policy of taxes on taxes on taxes.

We in New Zealand are paying taxes on food, taxes on petrol taxes on rates (which is a tax itself), taxes on power, etc etc. This 'Triple' taxation and even 'quadrouple' taxation is pushing more and more families closer to poverty

Speaking from Auckland today, Mr Nutter condemns the application of Taxes on Taxes, and furthermore, Mr Nutter believes that the application of taxes on essential services such as Food, Water, Power, Rates etc should stop immediately.

I am concerned that this year we will have record numbers of elderley dying in their homes, with power bills as high as $400 per month going unpaid; said Mr Nutter who truly believes that the best way to stop people drowning is to take your foot off their head.

KiwiDebt Hits Page 1
July 5, 2010
Google results for kiwidebt take us to Page 1 for Debt Management After two and a half years, KiwiDebt has hit page one in the search for 'Debt Management'.
It is fantastic that Kiwi's will be able to find us easily.
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July 5, 2010
In Middle of recession, where many New Zealanders are losing their jobs, and having their hours cut back to levels where they can no longer afford to feed their families, the leaders of New Zealand are getting a 10% pay increase.

The Great New Zealand Double standard, continues to prove to New Zealanders, that the government is not within the realms of reality.
For many years, the government has been punishing ordinary New Zealanders, by imposing FBT on individuals for the perks they receive, which has seen the decrease in 'perks' (otherwise known as Fringe benefits), and the near death of new zealands automotive industry. But only now (25 years later - FBT was introduced in 1985) do they start to remove their 'perks' which have cost this nation (the taxpayer) dearly.

But to say, that MP's need to compensated at a rate of 10% on top of a salary which was given a boost by the recent tax changes seems unconsionable in the middle of a recession, from which it will take years to recover.
comment by Matthew Nutter
How about a parliamentary realignment, Remove the perks, and not have a 10% increase in pay.
(why do i feel that we are about to sell off some more of New Zealand to pay for this?)
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Stock Markets Face Crash
July 5, 2010
7.9 million jobs lost - many forever Stocks have slumped for two months straight, with investors starting to bail out in early May after a rally that pushed the S&P 500 up 80% off the bottom hit in March 2009.
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KiwiDebt hits Facebook
June 16, 2010
For ease of information dissemination, Kiwidebt has created a facebook page. log on to comment on some of the discussions.
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Kiwis are finding it harder to pay off debt
Apr 22, 2010
NZPA press release relating to how New Zealanders are having more and more problems coping with the burdens of debt that just keeps growing

KiwiDebt first media release submitted
Feb 11, 2010
KiwiDebt has released the first in a series of media releases to NZPA.

Jun 10, 2009
As one of kiwidebt's first clients approaches debt freedom, we reflect on how we have got them here.

Mar 11, 2009
KD News Volume 1 is released.

KiwiDebt Goes Live
Mar 1, 2008
After many months of testing and compliance, KiwiDebt is launched.