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Have you been hit hard by the aftershocks associated with the Canterbury Earthquake? 
You are certainly not alone
Many Kiwis have been adversly affected by the after effects of the Canterbury earthquake, from either damage to themselves, their property, their workplaces and their income.
Whilst we at KiwiDebt believe that the response to the effort, and awareness has been miraculous, the effects for a number of families and indivuals will remain long after the city is rebuilt.

In order to allow those that are affected by the earthquake to get back on their feet, we have seen the fantastic committments from various institutions in offering lower interest (and in some cases zero interest) to allow people to get back to a position where they can recover and get back on with their lives.
Some of the financial institutions we have spoken to have allowed people to have a temporary respite by not requiring payments for a period of time, and some are still charging their interest, but compounding it to the end of peoples loans.

Are you getting into more debt to 'float' your current living and finance existing debt? 

Many people are using credit to try to keep their heads above water, using credit cards to pay loans, using loans to pay credit cards, and seeking finance to try to stave off the collectors.
Whilst we believe that under the right circumstances, this can work, we have seen too many cases that have become 'lost' because the compounding state of affairs cumulates until you the individual (or family) has to look toward things such as the 'No Asset Procedure', Summary Installment Order' or Bankruptcy.
If this sounds like you, you are not alone, we have clients who have from 10,000 of debt to over 200,000 of debt (unsecured).

We at KiwiDebt Ltd have a growing concern about those people that have had their income dramatically reduced, and although they have an income, it doesnt meet the minimums.
This portion of people are at the greatest risk, with the punitive cost of bad debt being a compounding problem which can end up with bankruptcy and a loss not just for themselves, but for the country.
A small country which has been hit hard in the middle this continuing recession, one that could potentially lose the country billions as a result of those people 'giving up' and choosing bankruptcy rather than their growing debt burden.

KiwiDebt Ltd, is a company that has a track record of helping those people that find themselves having a financial deficit (too many expenses and creditors and not enough income), by setting up logical plans to get people back on the path to recovery without the stress that being cash strapped can cause.

KiwiDebt cannot guarantee that your creditors will not continue to charge interest, defaults, and other punitive charges, but we aim to get an ethical plan up and running, which will see them repaid, and you back to normal.
If you find yourselves in the above category, please feel free to drop us a line or click on the button below.