About the KiwiDebt Group

Company Formation

KiwiDebt was Established in January 2008, by a family in Auckland who saw the effects of the Global financial crisis, and the impact it would have on New Zealand families.

Although Initially very slow to gain traction in a failing New Zealand economy, (perhaps due to that Kiwi 'she'll be right' attitude, over the first few years, KiwiDebt Ltd gained a client base of hardy families that did not want to 'take the easy way out' and use the likes of the No Asset Procedure and other forms of bankruptcy.


After Many conversations with clients who were constantly letting us know 'I wish I had found your organisation months ago', we made contact with organisations such as 'the citizens advice bureau' to ask for assistance with promoting our service.
Alas, it was not to be, although these 'advice' organisations promote various 'professional services organisations' they still (2013) refuse to list KiwiDebt Limited or its subsidiaries on their publicly funded website.

Due to the number of clients that were facing bankruptcy, in 2011 KiwiDebt introduced Personal Insolvency to the options available. A client that was being taken bankrupt by a creditor, or feeling that although they had a debt management plan in operation, the creditors were not as hospitable as they had hoped, could put a creditors proposal in place to action the debt repayment in a court acceptable manner.


KiwiDebt Associated Organisations

KiwiDebt Ltd continues to grow and the footprint representing KiwiDebt Ltd grows as well, reaching many different sectors of the consumer debt marketplace.

this can be illustrated in the following list of KiwiDebt Ltd Mastheads..

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