I am leaving work for 3 months from 10 January to look after Mum so it is timely that my debt is all covered.
I will be poor and debt free but rich in knowing my duty of care for my mother is paramount.
I will say though over the past few years I suffered the loss of my father, my health took a turn for the worse, for a little while I took up gambling, I suffered bouts of depression. My debt was incurred from all those reasons but the catalyst was the loss of my father.
Today I still managed to keep my job, I kept up my relationship with you guys to help clear my debt and I am so there, my health has improved, I manage my diabetes and liver disease vigilantly, I never smoked and never drank and did not turn to that for comfort. I am 1.5 years depression free and no medication anymore for that, I stopped the gambling, I found that to be a great comfort because it was easy to get lost in the world of pokies, it drew you in and you immersed yourself in the glory of the bling bling of the machines and if you had a win well that was even better.
I stopped that as quickly as I started because I knew if I did not, I would stop paying you guys and I would not be here today singing like bird to be free from all those evils, now I can't wait because I have a refund coming and for once in a very long time I can go and treat myself at whatever I feel like. You have played a big part in this and I am so thankful the day I randomly googled help to pay debt and randomly chose you's because just liked the name Kiwi Debt and the very first conversation I had with Mathew right at the beginning, he seemed so real and gave me the feeling he was interested in what I had to say and I was not just another number, please thank him from me...
Once again my sincerest gratitude for all your help in getting me here, I have 3 beautiful grandchildren I can enjoy and spoil. And yes I know its early but you guys have a very merry christmas as well.
(CP - Hamilton)

Please accept my sincere thanks to you for your help in turning my credit situation around.
I went from not being able to sleep, to not having any debt - what a blessing.
(VC - Christchurch)

I have to say that I have found Kiwidebt amazing to work with, you have treated me with respect and even though I acknowledge that I am in the wrong with these debts, I appreciate the honest communication and the way I have been treated by yourself and Mathew. You have in some ways made it easier for me to acknowledge and face up to the reality of the situation. So Thank you.
(name and address withheld)

The global financial crisis hit our family hard.
Although my husband and I were both working, we still found our mortgage payments difficult to service, relying on cash advances from high interest credit cards to top us up each month.
Before any real damage was done, we sold our family home at a loss and began servicing the shortfall through our bank.

By January this year, we realised that we were getting nowhere with our debts - simply struggling even to pay the minimums, with interest mounting.

Online, we found a company who organised a creditor pool for us. We worked through a budget together, found out what was left over after the essentials came out, then KiwiDebt took this amount and made arrangements with each and every creditor to pay a regular amount each month.
All we had to do was commit to paying the set amount each month and refer any call centre who still rang us in error to the Kiwidebt team.
No more nagging calls, no more demands for money, no more dealing with people who didn't understand, as Kiwidebt really do.

After ten months trading with Kiwidebt and reviewing the deals they have managed to strike with our creditors - low interest, no interest for a period, settlement figures and so on, we would highly recommended them to anyone who still wishes to pay back what they owe, without the fear of bankruptcy.

(name and address withheld)

If I know of anyone who needs help with debt I will most certainly be recommending your company. Your help has been fantastic
and very much appreciated.
Satisfied Client
(name and address withheld)